Our People


Dr Debbie Fletcher

Principal Consultant

Debbie’s work is largely focused on the management of projects working on behalf of local authorities looking to improve and/or procure waste collection services, secure treatment options, and deliver efficiency savings. She brings a substantial amount of practical knowledge and understanding of resource efficiency and waste management to her policy-driven research. Debbie also has a strong technical background in a number of key policy areas, particularly in relation to producer responsibility measures.


Recent Experience

Debbie’s recent projects have focused on the procurement of waste collection services and materials marketing for local authority clients. Debbie was instrumental in establishing the initial phases of the residual waste framework agreement in conjunction with Pembrokeshire County Council, for which Eunomia won a Welsh National Procurement Award in 2015. Debbie’s projects have also included individual and multi-authority collection options appraisals, seeking efficiency savings both in front-line service delivery and across back-office processes, and determining commissioning strategies for local authority waste services. She has also managed and delivered larger scale waste partnership work for groups of authorities in Dorset, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire, with a particular focus on developing the business case for these partnerships and understanding where savings will be realised. Debbie has also investigated the potential costs and benefits associated with introducing a deposit refund scheme in the UK and further afield.


Career History

With a Ph.D. in Geography and previous experience working for a local authority waste services team, Debbie joined Eunomia in 2008.


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