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Alex Henry

Trainee Consultant

Alex joined Eunomia in February 2017 and is based in our London office. He uses his analytical and modelling skills to support a variety of projects.


Recent Experience

Since joining Eunomia, Alex has been involved in a wide range of projects, carrying out research and helping to develop policy recommendations, particularly in the area of waste crime. He has also used his modelling skills to contribute to financial models for a private investor and feedstock availability models for an energy client.


Career History

Alex graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Geography with first class honours. He specialised in African climate science, and produced an award-winning dissertation on the subject. Using measurements from aircraft flying at only a few hundred meters’ altitude in the Central-western Sahara, he applied a novel statistical approach to generate the first comprehensive spatial analysis of low-level jet wind systems that cause dust storms. He went on to develop the numerical schemes used within climate models to represent turbulence in the lowest few hundred meters of the atmosphere, and to highlight the importance of resolving surface characteristics on sub-kilometre spatial scales. This research has proved vital in helping to understand how mineral aerosols will influence changes in the earth’s climate.

In addition to holding several academic scholarships from the University of Oxford, Alex has been shortlisted for the Royal Geographical Society’s Alfred Steers Prize, awarded for the best dissertation nationwide, and won the Met Office Academic Partnership Prize, awarded for the top UK undergraduate climate science dissertation.

Alex was previously a reservist in the Royal Air Force, and in addition to training as a pilot, undertook a cross-Atlantic sailing expedition, sailing a 72-foot yacht through force 10/11 winds from Nova Scotia to Portsmouth.

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