May 2016

Mike Brown to Lead Workshop at Bristol Green Capital Partnership Gathering


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Managing Director at Eunomia Mike Brown will be hosting a workshop at Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s (BGCP) next event ‘Towards a zero-waste Bristol’ on Thursday 26th May.

Bristol’s environmental leaders, who work, volunteer, and campaign in the waste, recycling and reuse field, will be choosing from a collection of twelve workshops, including Eunomia’s, at the event, created to share ideas on how to deliver Bristol’s aspirations to become a zero waste city.

Mike Brown’s workshop ‘Residual Treatment’ will be held in Fyfe Hall, Trinity Centre, Old Market, alongside the rest of the programme.

The event, which is free to attend, will see speakers from across the city taking to the stage between 9.30 and 10.30, before delegates review Bristol City Council’s vision and objectives for the city’s future waste and street scene services The Waste Strategy 2016: Aims & Aspirations.

After 10.30, guests can choose from over twelve workshops. The aims of the workshops include:

  • To discuss what actions are needed to progress towards a ‘zero waste city’
  • Who should lead in progressing them
  • Who can act as contributors
  • What will need further exploration before action can be taken

Ahead of the event, Mike explained why he’s leading a workshop covering ‘Residual Treatment’. He said:

“As we strive for a zero waste city, where waste is re-used or recycled, we are left with an amount of residual waste. By 2025 the Council aims for this to reduce this to around 30% of total waste produced. What processes are we using for these? How we can we ensure the most efficient systems are used? How will we ensure that the demands of residual waste do not out-weigh that of the circular economy?”

Businesses striving to be more resource efficient, and interested in engaging with the circular economy are encouraged to attend.

You can register and see the full programme here.