November 2016

MD to Present RDF Industry Group Perspective at Conference


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Eunomia’s Managing Director Mike Brown will present the RDF Group’s latest views on the market to all key stakeholders in the RDF, SRF and Energy from Waste industry at Environment Media Group’s RDF Conference this week.

With Eunomia’s role as secretariat, Mike will speak on behalf of the industry group covering how the regulatory and legal structure surrounding exports could change, the impact of Brexit on the residual waste market and ideas for the future.

The RDF Group, formed in December 2014, is made up of major waste management contractors and operators from the UK and Europe and links up government and industry. The group publishes work developed by Eunomia Research & Consulting to highlight opportunities and issues around RDF export, considering the legal, environmental and economic case for (or against) the market.

Eunomia Managing Director Mike Brown said:

“RDF exports are a symptom of a rapidly changing market in residual waste. As if things weren’t interesting enough, Brexit offers the prospect of further opportunities and complications. There’s never been a more important time for those in the supply chain to work together and the RDF Industry Group provides the space for this to happen.”

The RDF Conference held at The Trade Union Congress Centre in London will see speakers from governing bodies and regulators offer an update on legislation and policy, as well as speakers from across Europe discussing data and trends in the market today.

The event aims to give delegates a better understanding of the market and provide a platform to debate the challenges and opportunities facing the industry as well as provide a valuable networking opportunity.

The full programme for the event can be found here.