September 2014

Eunomia Welcomes Proposals to Tackle Waste Crime


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Defra minister Dan Rogerson’s letter promising £5 million of funding to help tackle waste crime is very welcome. The letter, sent to the Environmental Services Association (ESA), the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), the Renewable Energy Association, and the Resource Association on Monday 1st September either directly addresses or builds upon almost all of the recommendations contained in the report Waste Crime: Tackling Britain’s Dirty Secret which Eunomia produced for the ESA Education Trust in spring 2014. We’re delighted that the report has been successful in influencing government thinking in this area.

In particular, we’re glad to see:

• Recognition of the need for waste operators to make the necessary financial arrangements to meet their obligations; and
• That an inter-agency approach is proposed which will see HMRC and the EA working together on issues of tax evasion.

While Eunomia welcomes this positive response from government, we also think the industry needs to see clarification on how the new approach will be funded

Eunomia director James Fulford said:

“There needs to be a clear and sustainable funding mechanism to ensure that the good work which is being proposed is supported in the long term. Only once this is in place can the waste sector be assured that the government will fully back its commitments around the important issue of waste crime.”