September 2016

Eunomia Staff Take to the Stage at RWM 2016


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The line-up for RWM 2016, which is expected to host more than 500 exhibitors, will include five contributions from Eunomia.

Adam Baddeley will kick of proceedings at 10:00 on Tuesday 13th September with a session examining and debating the current successful usage of, and the future possibilities for energy storage technology. The session will include input from: Felicity Jones, Partner at Overuse Partners; Claire Addison, Government and Regulatory Affairs Manager at AES UK and Ireland and; Duncan Bott, Managing Director at Belectric UK, and will cover mitigating risk, Balancing supply, opportunities for financial gain, cost benefit analysis, transforming the energy storage model and who is using it well

Eunomia’s Chairman, Dr Dominic Hogg, will take over the reins at 11:00 at Circular Economy Connect, with a session alongside David Palmer Jones, Chief Executive of Suez and Marcus Gover, Chief Executive of WRAP. They will launching the report, A Resourceful Future – Expanding the UK Economy, which shows that the more circular our economy becomes the greater the benefits will be.

During the afternoon Principal Consultant Andy Grant will form part of a panel discussing whether the MRF regulations will help revolutionise recycling and make the sector more price-competitive. Starting at 15:10 in the Local Authority Theatre, Andy will be joined by Charnell Dry, Associate Director of Business Strategy at Bywaters and Trevor Williams, Commodities trading Manager for Biffa to discuss the ‘Code of Practice’ and whether it has improved the quality of recycling and the confidence of the end users as well as how transparent data can drive up quality.

On Wednesday 14th September at 10:30 Adam Baddeley will take his second slot, joining Niels Kroninger, Managing director at Green Hedge and Steve Cains, Head of Power at Public Power Solutions to discuss the Renewable Subsidy Cuts. They will be answering questions such as:

  • Without incentives, can the renewable energy market remain competitive?
  • Will businesses continue to look to implement renewable technologies when pay-back time is longer?
  • How can renewables compete on a level playing field with fossil fuels?
  • Can the sector become more innovative with its business models to make renewable energy more sustainable in a post-subsidy future?

Harriet Parke will round up Eunomia’s contributions to the RWM in a panel discussion on The Future of Refuse Derived Fuel Exports. She will be joined by Pandora Rene, Senior Waste Advisor at the Environment Agency, Andy Hill, Market Development Director at Suez and Andrew Olie, Managing Director at Monksleigh. Join them at 11:15 in the Energy from Waste Theatre to hear discussions on:

  • how Brexit will affect RDF exports
  • forecasting future RDF growth;
  • benefits and disbenefits of exports; and
  • will Government introduce new incentives to promote processing of residual waste in the UK?

We look forward to catching up with old friends and making new contacts – see you there!