March 2015

Eunomia Shortlisted for Welsh Procurement Award


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Eunomia has been shortlisted for the Procurement Collaboration Award at the 2015 Welsh National Procurement Awards.

The awards celebrate achievements in public procurement, public delivery and tendering in Wales, with the winners to be announced at a ceremony on 20th March 2015 at Cardiff City Hall. Five projects have been shortlisted in the collaboration category, and Eunomia staff look forward to joining with others who buy or supply services to the public sector in Wales to celebrate best practice and thank those involved for their contribution.

The Procurement Collaboration Award recognises collaborative and team-based approaches to the delivery of a public opportunity, in order to deliver a successful procurement outcome for all concerned.

Eunomia’s nomination is in conjunction with Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion County Councils, and recognises the innovative work they have done together to set up a residual waste framework agreement. Each council expects to save in excess of £350,000 annually while achieving significant environmental and social benefits. This is a true partnership project with Eunomia adopting an innovative gain share solution which helps to ensure that all parties’ interests are aligned and avoids the councils having to pay upfront consultancy costs.

Pembrokeshire CC, Ceredigion CC and Eunomia worked together tirelessly for two years, overcoming many unforeseen difficulties in order to create a new model that can be applied to the benefit of local authorities and the sustainability agenda across Wales.