April 2016

Eunomia Presents at Australia’s Leading Waste Management Conference


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Eunomia Chairman Dominic Hogg, and Head of International Business Development Darren Perrin, will be speaking at Waste 2016, in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales on Tuesday 3rd May.

Dominic Hogg will join the panel discussion ‘Understanding the Circular Economy’ at 11am on the first morning of the three-day conference, which looks at the challenges of waste management and practical solutions available. He will draw on his experience working with the European Commission to shape its proposals for a circular economy package, and recent work on proposals for a road map towards a circular economy in London.

Chaired by Candice Quartermain, Programme Director and Founder of the Circular Economy Australia, the panel will also feature industry representatives from the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Infoactiv, Gcycle and Bulk Handling Systems.

Darren Perrin will be taking to the stage later the same day to present a paper on ‘Circular Economy Progress in the UK’ which will cover some of Eunomia’s work in this area.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Coffs Harbour Waste Conference has over 90 presenters and 50 trade displays in this year’s programme. The conference is open to anyone who has worked in, or has an interest in, waste management issues. You can register for the Waste 2016 conference here.

Eunomia is also currently working to inform New South Wales’ Commercial and Industrial Waste Strategy. Find out more about this project here.