October 2016

Eunomia Presents Around the Globe


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Eunomia spread the circular economy word in September by presenting at five conferences on three different continents.

Chairman and Founder Dominic Hogg presented at Brazil’s ‘Circular Economy and Sustainability to Urban Solid Waste Management Seminar’. Dominic joined the panel discussion ‘Circular Economy: Concepts and Practices’ offering insights from the European experience and discussing the opportunities and viability of adopting a circular economy in Rio de Janerio. The international audience also heard sessions on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy recovery.

Back in Southeast Europe, Eunomia Principal Consultant Chris Sherrington took to the stage at ISWA 2016 (International Solid Waste Association) in Novi Sad, Serbia, during its ‘Deposit or non-deposit systems: Challenges and opportunities’ session. Drawing on Eunomia’s extensive DRS experience, Chris made the case for deposits in the EU, explaining that such a mechanism, which ensures the return for recycling of high levels of high quality material, should be at the heart of moves towards a circular economy, and not just for beverage containers. Chris also spoke more broadly in the panel debate about the importance of implementing genuine extended producer responsibility (EPR) to properly align the financial incentives faced by producers with circular economy principles.

Chris was also invited to advise the South African government on measures to prevent plastics entering the marine environment. He travelled to Pretoria to present at a workshop attended by representatives from government, industry, NGOs and academia. Chris talked about a range of economic instruments, and other measures, that prioritise prevention of waste and litter that could readily be implemented. He also emphasised the importance of environmental fiscal reform in moving towards a circular economy, highlighting that improved environmental standards could go hand-in-hand with increasing employment.

Meanwhile, Eunomia Managing Director Mike Brown spoke about Refuse Derived Fuel Exports from the UK at the IRRC (International Recycling and Recovery Congress) Waste-to-Energy event in Vienna. Mike covered the legal, economic and environmental issues and perspectives on RDF exports. He also authored a chapter that analysed Eunomia’s recent Residual Waste Infrastructure Review (10th edition) for the book which accompanied the conference.

Eunomia completed the month by hosting ‘Measures to Prevent Marine Plastics – A Call for Action’, a Brussels-based conference where Senior Consultant Chiarina Darrah joined Eunomia’s Chris Sherrington to present new solutions to the marine plastic problem. The event finished with a panel debate and networking with the keynote speakers Ricardo Serrao Santos MEP, Anne-France Woestyn, Antonino Feraro and Emma Priestland – all high-profile stakeholders in this policy area.

To help compensate for our impact on the environment, we monetise CO2e emissions, and the resulting sum is placed into a fund which is earmarked for offsetting our emissions through investment in social and environmental causes. For our 2014/15 greenhouse gas emissions (68.53 tonnes), we converted our emissions into a monetised amount using the highest price of £82.50 / tonne from DECC’s carbon valuation non-traded price of carbon. This resulted in the addition of £5,654 to our environmental fund.

Photo: Luke Price (CC-BY-2.0), via www.flickr.com