June 2016

Eunomia House Band Releases Debut Recording


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Dirty Murph & the Kerbside Sorters, a musical act made up of staff from Eunomia, has today launched its debut EP of four waste and resource themed songs.

The new release, titled ‘The Missed Collection’, sees the adaptable group bring humour to a range of genres and waste sector topics. Some songs have been carefully prepared for reuse – fans of Simon and Garfunkel will instantly recognise ‘The Loader’ as a refuse collection parody of the duo’s hit song ‘The Boxer’. However, the band has taken care to use recycled words and chords throughout even in its original compositions, such as the swoon-inducing jazz ballad ‘Invitation to Tenderness’, which uncovers the romance hidden in the language of EU procurement rules.


Mixed Murph


The material was recorded during winter, with the group at the peak of its powers following an acclaimed performance at the Eunomia Christmas party. The band hopes to bring its act to a wider waste sector audience during the year ahead, and is available for conferences, AGMs – or environmental consultancy project.

Explaining the project, songwriter, guitarist and Junior Consultant Steve Watson said:

“Eunomia is a hotbed of raw musical talent and it was only a matter of time before we redefined the boundaries of popular music in the image of the waste and resources policy map. We finally got a band together to play the annual Eunomia camping weekend last year, and the company was generous enough to act as record company and get behind this recording. The rest is musical history.”

In the spirit of waste prevention, the recording is being given a digital only release, and is available to listen to below and to download on the group’s official Bandcamp page, https://dirtymurph.bandcamp.com/


Band photos: Mark Corbin