October 2014

Eunomia Funds Ancient Woodland Restoration


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Eunomia is to support Avon Wildlife Trust in restoring three and a half hectares of ancient woodland in North Somerset. The project will be made possible thanks to Eunomia’s environmental fund, which supports charities delivering carbon and community benefits.

The land to be restored sits in Priors Wood, a 62 hectare nature reserve to the south of Gordano Valley. As part of the Trust’s management of the woods, a plantation of disease-prone conifer species is to be felled in the coming months. Eunomia’s donation will enable the Trust to replant the area with native deciduous trees such as oaks, helping to restore the woods to its semi-natural ancient state while sequestering over 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.




Woodland makes an important contribution to carbon sequestration, but currently only 13% of Great Britain is wooded and only 1.2% is covered by semi-natural woodland. Work such as that carried out by the Trust delivers significant environmental benefits while creating natural spaces for the enjoyment of local communities.

Eunomia Managing Director Mike Brown said, “We look carefully at the best way to use our environmental fund to support projects that help Eunomia to be a carbon neutral organisation. We’re delighted to be working with Avon Wildlife Trust and supporting a project that will contribute both to carbon sequestration and the creation of a local amenity.”


Photo credit: Paul Harvey, via Wikimedia Commons