February 2015

Eunomia Continues Work on Eurostat Data Centre on Natural Resources


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Eunomia is part of a consortium that has been reappointed by Eurostat to continue work on the Eurostat Data Centre on Natural Resources.

The project has two main elements: the first is the further maintenance of Eurostat’s Environmental Data Centre on Natural Resources. The second is the development and management of the Resource Efficiency Scoreboard. The Resource Efficiency Scoreboard presents indicators covering themes and subthemes of the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe.

Tim Elliott, Senior Consultant at Eunomia, commented:

“This is an important project for Eurostat, and is the second of the Environmental Data Centres we have worked on. The significance of the work is that the scoreboard that has been developed aims to monitor the implementation of the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe, by communicating the link between resources and the economy.”

The indicators in the scoreboard are arranged into three groups – lead, dashboard and theme-specific indicators. So far, Eunomia has taken lead responsibility for the themes of ‘supporting research and innovation’, ‘getting the prices right (environmental taxes)’, ‘biodiversity’, ‘safeguarding clean air’, and ‘land and soils’. Tasks have included communicating with data producers, writing descriptions of the statistics (metadata) and developing graphical representations.