June 2014

Dominic Hogg Speaks at Green Week


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Eunomia Chairman Dr Dominic Hogg will be in Brussels tomorrow, speaking as part of Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy. The three day event, which started today, is focused this year on the Circular Economy and how it can contribute to saving money and creating jobs.

Dominic’s presentation starts from the thought that commodity prices define the value of resources, driving changes in perspectives and behaviour. Where prices are low (as they remain at the moment) there is less stimulus for moves to a Circular Economy, and a potential case for ensuring that environmental costs are reflected in prices. He will review the use of environmental taxes across Europe, consider why the level of usage remains relatively low, and ask whether, from an economic perspective, environmental taxes appear to be more or less damaging than alternative, income-based ways to raise revenue.

Further information, including a programme for the event, can be found here