March 2015

Dominic Hogg asks if there is a Role for Resource Taxation


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What role there could be for taxes on materials use, and what types of challenge would need to be faced in designing such a policy?

Eunomia Chairman Dr Dominic Hogg will be tackling these questions in a seminar to be held at University College London’s Institute for Sustainable Resources on 19th March, which looks to review some of the recent work which has articulated the case for a circular economy.

Although the literature often discusses the need to reflect externalities within raw material prices, the question of what such a policy might look like and the implications it might have are less well articulated. Dominic will consider the role of such measures and whether they can promote some of the benefits that are thought to accrue to businesses that embrace more circular business models, such as reduced input costs and insulation from commodity price volatility.