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    East Sussex County Council

    The chart and table below show the council's performance on the Carbon Index. Each authority is ranked in terms of the CO2 eq saving per head of population. Authorities are then grouped as follows:

    • High Flyers - the top 10%
    • Good Performers - the next 30%,
    • Mid Performers - the next 30%, and
    • Low Performers - the bottom 30%

    We also use standard Office for National Statistics groupings to allow similar authorities to be easily compared. The graph shows the range between the top and bottom performing authorities within your selected council's group.

    About this graph: the rectangular range boxes surrounding each point on the graph indicate the maximum and minimum score for all Prospering UK authorities.
    Report data 2011/122012/132013/142014/152015/16
    Recycling Carbon Index Score 6762738375
    Recycling Carbon Index Rank 8898703865
    Recycling Carbon Index Rating Mid PerformerMid PerformersGood PerformersGood PerformersGood Performers


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